Cloudflare deploys its 155th PoP in Lagos, connects to WAF-IX

Cloudflare has now entered Lagos with a secure facility colocated and interconnected to one of the primary undersea cable operators along with a full connection to both the local Internet Exchange (IXPN) and the newly announced WAF-IX  Lagos exchange. With every data center we add, local users not only connect faster and more reliably to sites proxied by Cloudflare, but our global DDoS mitigation becomes stronger and more robust.  Instead of serving Nigeria from Europe (London, Lisbon, etc), content can be delivered locally from Lagos.

If you follow the African telecom industry; then you’ll know that West Africa’s economy is dominated by Nigeria; but few outside the region know that Nigeria is dominated by the phrase mobile-first. A country thats mobile-first means that mobile has eclipsed all other connectivity methods. Other countries with this status include Indonesia, China, Kenya, Philippines, Myanmar and many others. Being mobile-first doesn’t mean smartphone dominance (Myanmar qualifies because of the availability of $20 phones); but it does mean dependence on mobile infrastructure. In fact SMS or texting is still the number one common communications method for most of these places. But smartphone penetration in Nigeria is growing fast and sitting at around 21 million according to the recent report referenced above.


Connectivity across and around Africa

Lagos is well served by undersea cables that reach northwards to Europe and south towards South Africa. In fact every African west coast undersea cable lands in Lagos Nigeria.

  • ACE (Africa Coast to Europe))
  • Glo-1 (and Glo-2)
  • MainOne
  • NCSCS (Nigeria Cameroon Submarine Cable System)
  • SAT-3/WASC
  • WACS (West African Cable System)

While most of these cables are pumping bandwidth from North to South (i.e. Europe to Africa); some are now being used for inter-country connectivity at the IP backbone level. WACS has Nigeria, Angola, and South Africa connected. MainOne has Ghana and Nigeria connected, etc.


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